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Vibrant, richly colored, dyed veneers imported from Europe. Pressure dyed through and through so the color does not sand out. Made from close pore hardwood that finishes beautifully, approx. 1/50" thick sheets 6"- 10" random width x 36" long. Priced per square foot, minimum order is 3 sq. feet per color. Longer and wider sheets are available; please call our store to inquire.

Calculating square footage: Square footage can be calculated with the following formula:
Sq. ft. = Length (in inches) x width (in inches) divided by 144.
Example: A piece of veneer that measures 6" wide and 3 feet long would be calculated as follows: 6 x 36 =216 divided by 144 = 1.5 This piece of veneer measures a total of 1-1/2 square feet.

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