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GRR-Gripper®Pushblock System

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Detailed Description

The safest, most precise pushblock. For use on all table saws, bandsaws, router tables and jointers.

GRR-RIPPER 3D Pushblock comes with 3 legs featuring proprietary Green GRR-RIP® non-slip material, built-in balance support, adjustable handle, and Advanced Techniques DVD.

This is no ordinary push block. The GRR-Ripper
® is a precision, guidance, and 3D Push Block System designed to feed wood on a table saw safer than you can with your hands alone and more accurate and more precise than with conventional pushing devices. The results will be better projects with less waste. With it's 3-Directional control, it gives you downward, forward, and lateral pressure on the stock for maximum control and safety.

Made in the USA

Choose from 2 different models:
The 100 model is the basic pushblock system.  It is designed to handle the daily tasks of woodworking hobbyists and enthusiasts.
The 200 model is the basic model with 2 extra accessories (an adjustable spacer and a stabilizing plate) that will give you greater versatility and control. 

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