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Preval Power Sprayer

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The Preval Spray Gun is a versatile spray applicator for all kinds of liquids. Each Preval Spray Gun comes with a refillable container jar that can hold whatever fluid you choose and a power unit that sprays up to 16 oz. of liquid, depending on viscosity. The power units are disposable, when depleted replace with a new power unit. And best of all you can change jars for different use.

Keep one container just for water. Preval sprays an amazingly fine mist your houseplants will love. It's perfect for ironing clothes, too.

Or, fill a jar with your favorite cleaning solution. It makes washing windows, countertops, fixtures and other surfaces nearly effortless. No handle to squeeze, just a touch of a button and it sprays.

Dedicate another Preval jar to touch up painting jobs. You'll get perfect color matching every time, because Preval lets you mix and use your own paint. You can spray oils and lubricants, too. Each container jar has a cap to keep contents fresh.

There are hundreds of ways you'll save time and effort with the Preval Spray Gun. From around the house to on the job, it's bound to be the most valuable tool in your utility closet.

You can spray just about everything with the Preval Spray Gun. This handy portable tool can spray all kinds of liquid solutions. Paint, lacquer, solvents, stains, oil, cleaners, insecticide, fertilizer, disinfectants, even clear water Preval does it all.

Preval is a big time saver for small paint jobs. Forget trying to match color swatches on pre filled spray cans. Preval lets you use your own paint, or stain, so you get perfect color matching every time.

You can double your productivity by using a different jar for each job. Just insert the power tube, and you're ready to spray the new liquid.

Light to hold and fun to use, Preval will make your life a breeze.

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