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Spray Finishing and Other Techniques
Price: $17.95

Detailed Description

From the Editors of Fine Woodworking

Learn to get a flawless spray finish, choose and use the right equipment, and prepare finishes for spaying.

My first experience with finishing furniture was typical of most woodworkers: I used a brush to lay on varnish and the results were less than spectacular. Eventually I discovered wipe-on finishes, which produced a more attractive result. Still, I found the process slow and the available finishes limited. So I decided early on to learn how to spray finish. Because I had some experience with painting cars, I was somewhat familiar with the process, and knew how good the results could be.

Numerous compressors and spray guns later, I can say that I am fairly competent at spraying finishes. Although the road to proficiency was paved with drips and runs, spray finishing wasn't any more difficult than a lot of other woodworking techniques I've mastered. And unlike many woodworkers who still struggle with rags and brushes, I can honestly say that I enjoy finishing. The tools are fun to use and I love the results.

Many woodworkers shy away from spraying finishes, wary of the need for more equipment, ventilation, overspray, dust problems, learning curve, etc. But the truth is, you can get by with just a few basic tools—a midsized compressor, a gravity-feed HVLP gun and a cheap window fan—as long as you stick with water-based finishes. Let me repeat that: As long as you stick with water-based finishes. Solvent-based finishes, because of their flammability, must be sprayed with proper explosion-proof light fixtures and exhaust fan motors. The only exception is if you work outdoors away from any source of ignition.

Anatole Burkin,

Editor of Fine Woodworking

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